EMResource Update

EMResource Account Status Updates

  • Log onto https://emresource.juvare.com/login
  • Click on your facility name to update contact information (please provide 2 names for emergency contact with after hour information)
  • Click on “dialysis status” to update the current status of your clinic and the type of patients treated by your facility (hemodialysis, peritoneal or both)
  • Click on “number of dialysis patients” to update the current patient population
  • Each facility will be required to verify and update their facility status by the
  • Status updates are due the 8th of each month. Reminder emails will be sent through EMResource.
  • Click on “Preferences” and update the way in which each emergency contact would like to receive notices for events or emergencies.

* If you have regional oversight for multiple facilities please contact Betrice Williams(469) 916-3807 or betrice.williams@allianthealth.org, to have customized usernames and passwords set up for oversight of your facilities.

Access EMResource in a "view only" mode, please use the username and password listed below to log into EMResource and view facility status, capacity or other pertinent information associated with a facility during an emergency/disaster situation.

EMResource Website 

  • Username: txdialview
  • Password: Teec2015!@

EMResource Guides

If you need further assistance with EMResource usage you may also review a tutorial guide by clicking here  EMResource tutorial video by clicking here. EMResource Juvare Tutorial Quick Guide

For additional help go to EMResource Help Center for Reference Guides  

New Account Request

For new EMResource dialysis accounts please complete the new account form and return via email to betrice.williams@allianthealth.org. All other questions or concerns may be directed to the following individual:

Contact TEEC

4099 McEwen Rd, Suite 820
Dallas, Texas 75244
1 (866) 407-ESRD
1 (866) 407-3773


Email: nw14info@allianthealth.org

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Request Information about TEEC or EMResource System

E-mail: nw14info@allianthealth.org